Our Vision

A world of freedom and prosperity

The power to change the world—in the palm of your hand. Our technology connects you to the global economy.

The Monetas platform opens up amazing new opportunities in finance and commerce, and enables massive innovation across diverse industries. Our engineers, scientists and an executive team with over 100 years of combined management experience are building an incredible future of financial inclusion.

The platform we have created

Solves one of humanity's biggest challenges

A simple smartphone app for everyone

Simple and easy to use, our smartphone app connects everyone with a smartphone to the global economy at every level - from institutional trade to buying a single piece of fruit in an open-air marketplace. Our partners distribute our app on their terms, ensuring success in their market.

An elegant server application that brings it all together

Enabling lightning fast transactions at the lowest possible cost, our server application allows our partners to grow existing opportunities or explore entirely new ones. Our server application can be easily installed on local hardware or in the cloud.

We have changed the economics of trade

Secure transactions of any size are now economical

Compare Monetas fees to PayPal, MPesa and Visa

Transaction amount
Transaction cost as percentage

50% of transactions in Kenya are $1 or less.

80% of transactions in Kenya are $5 or less.

Incredible benefits

For enterprise, merchants
and consumers

Benefits to merchants:

  • Use existing infrastructure—all you need is a smartphone
  • Easy for any employee to use
  • Negligible transaction costs
  • Accept all currencies
  • No charge-backs
  • Automate audits
  • Secure asset storage on the blockchain

Benefits to consumers:

  • Purchases in-person or online
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Remittances at the lowest possible cost
  • Direct access to FX markets
  • No need to carry or secure cash

Meet our team of world-class professionals

Taking bold steps into the future with experience and expertise


Johann Gevers

CEO & Co-founder

Johann is the visionary and guiding force for Monetas, and brings over twenty years of experience guiding tech and financial startups.

Katalin Tischhauser

Board Member

Katalin is a mathematician, economist, and Harvard MBA with over twenty years of experience helping startups grow up right.

Muharem Hrnjadovic

Director of Engineering

Muharem has a twenty five year track record of success delivering high-quality, large scale software systems to a variety of industries.

Vitus Ammann

Director of Marketing

With over twenty five years of experience in strategic marketing and sales for Fortune 100 firms, Vitus ensures our partners are our top priority.

Muhamed Sabanovic

Director of Operations

Muhamed brings over twenty years of operational and engineering expertise in large companies to Monetas.

Harm Aarts

Software Engineer

Harm has a decade of experience building APIs, with an academic background in both artificial intelligence and economics.

Otto Allmendinger

Software Engineer

Otto has over ten years of software development building simulation software, mobile apps, and web systems, and is a leader in the Bitcoin community.

Marko Becun

Software Engineer

Marko has an MSc in Computer Science from the ETH in Zürich, and he's an active open source software contributor- involved in Bitcoin since 2011.

Vincenzo Di Somma

Software Engineer

Vincenzo has over fifteen years of experience as software engineer, team lead, and system architect with open-source concerns, including Canonical.

Filip Gospodinov

Software Engineer

Filip holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zürich, and has built software systems that have been deployed in the telecom industry.

Darragh Grealish

Software Engineer

Darragh brings a wealth of experience in web, embedded systems and telecommunication from leading Swiss firms.

Catrin Jakomowitsch

Executive Assistant

Catrin looks after the Monetas esprit de corps and creates a welcoming atmosphere at our office for visiting clients and partners.

Barry Kumnick

Software Engineer

Barry has over thirty years of experience as a software architect for both Silicon Valley startups and large multinationals, including IBM.

Nicola Larosa

Software Engineer

Nicola designs and develops software with a focus that is user-centric - robustness, maintainability, and documentation.

Karol Pogonowski

Software Engineer

Karol is a devops specialist with a background in informatics, and helps build and run test environments at Monetas.

Martin Hamrle

Software Engineer

Martin has over five years of experience building and deploying IPTV platforms, and holds a MSc from Charles University in Prague.

Daniel Krawisz

Software Engineer

Daniel holds an MS in physics from The University of Texas at Austin, and is a co-founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

Bettina Krippner

Finance and Administration Manager

Bettina speaks 9 languages fluently, holds an MBA and MS in finance, and was previously a CFO & M&A manager.

Nikola Krzalic

System Administrator

Nikola has years of experience as a UNIX/Linux engineer and a team leader in various enterprise IT environments, including IBM.

Justus Ranvier

Conceptual Design and Communication

Prior to joining Monetas, Justus worked in automation and electrical engineering in the nuclear power industry. He is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert.

Guilherme Salgado

Software Engineer

Guilherme has years of experience designing and building large-scale systems, and strives to build simple and maintainable software.

Ishbir Singh

Software Engineer

Ishbir develops software for both large and small scale systems, and is an expert in cybersecurity and cryptographic peer-to-peer systems.

Justin Smith

Product Manager

Justin has over a decade of professional experience in management, technical functions, marketing and sales across a range of industries.

Graham Tonkin

Partner Manager | Africa

Graham has extensive experience in Southern and West Africa, and has experience in project management, economic development and financial education.

Jeff Weiss

QA Engineer

Jeff has over 15 years experience developing test automation tools and processes for Cloud Management, Configuration Management, and Web Middleware for organizations such as Red Hat and IBM.

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