About Monetas

Our mission is to empower people to live and do business with greater freedom than ever before, creating a world of unprecedented prosperity.

The world’s existing financial and legal systems are centralized, creating a single point of control and failure. Centralized systems are inherently vulnerable to abuses of power and catastrophic failure—witness the deepening global crises we are experiencing today. Furthermore, these systems are expensive, slow, complicated, insecure, and prone to privacy violations, fraud, and corruption.

Monetas is building the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions. Our system has no single point of control or failure—making it immune to abuses of power and resilient to failure. Our solution requires only a mobile phone, and makes transactions easy, cheap, instant, global, secure, and private. It will be globally available to individuals, merchants, and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Are you ready for freedom? The future starts here.