Monetas is a socially conscious software company focused on powering the next generation of fully inclusive financial services. The Monetas platform enables safe, fast, and very low cost transfers of any assets – anywhere in the world, at any time.


Today there are more than two billion people that lack access to basic financial services, due to cost and distance. This means that for almost a third of the people on earth, it’s difficult or impossible to finance a small business, buy a vehicle or a home, or pay school fees. Access to financial services is a fundamental driver of social and individual well-being.

Monetas develops technologies that help connect anyone with a smartphone to financial services. Our mission is to build solutions that give everyone the freedom they need, creating a freer and more prosperous world.

The cutting-edge Monetas platform is a cryptofinancial software technology that makes transfers of value incredibly safe, fast, and at very low cost – anywhere in the world, at any time.